Roundtable Discussion: Mitigating risk in supply chain operations


Roundtable Discussion: Mitigating risk in supply chain operations

In today’s world, conditions of increasing competition as a result of globalization, create a volatile, uncertain, complex and fragile environment. In this context, risks are appearing in different dimensions, especially rapid developments in technology and change processes caused by them, are increasing risk exposure.

Depending on the developments in technology, supply chain structures are becoming more complicated internationally, need for rapid change and diversity occurs according to the volatility in demand, and this results to an increase in cooperations with strategic business partners in production and logistics processes in supply chain and consequently the process of harmonization happens. According to all of these elements, the necessity of mitigating risk in supply chain operations is inevitably facing us.

Discussion Topics:

1.    What are the risks within supply chains exposed to in the global competition environment?

2.    What are the elements increasing risk in the supply chain? How are their effects occurring?

3.    Do you find the supply chain structures in different sectors in Turkey sufficient in terms of risk management on company basis?

4.    Which measures can be taken to decrease risk in supply chains and how can these be applied effectively?

5.    How can risks in supply chain be analysed and pursued? How can a control mechanism be built?

6.    What kind of an impact is expected to be made by applications to reduce risk in supply chain on the unit costs of products and services?

7.    Is risk management being evaluated as a strategic element in Turkey?

8.    What is the level of risk dimension within your supply chain strategy?

9.    How and at what level do you evaluate risk elements during execution of your daily operations?

10.  Which elements should a supply chain risk mitigation plan include?


Dr. Emre Göllü - Senior Supply Chain Manager Turkey & MENA Region - UCB Pharma

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