Roundtable Discussion: How to make a lean enterprise?


Roundtable Discussion: How to make a lean enterprise?

While the management and operational tools to achieve a lean operation are well understood and documented, many projects still fail to achieve their objectives. The reasons can vary, sometime it is about resources and skills, other times the project structure or leadership.

For many organisations it is more a matter of inexperience, by their nature initiatives to achieve lean operations are infrequent, few organisations have the resources to maintain a full time “lean team” and so these projects can often be staffed and led by skilled people who find it difficult to create the challenging environment of a change project.

In this roundtable session attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences of lean operations projects and to get some tips and insights from others.

Join our presenters and experts to discuss in greater detail the issues involved and gain from their experiences as well of those of you fellow delegates.

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