Managing risk in Purchasing – assessment and prioritisation


Managing risk in Purchasing – assessment and prioritisation

Too often we read about some natural disaster – floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, - causing chaos to international supply chains, but it is not just the headline events which can disrupt your supply chains.

In fact, supply chain disruption is only one of the risks which can arise from the supply base, other risks can for example include security and regulatory issues.

Purchasing risks need to be defined and qualified requiring a formal management approach. In this session, using examples from different industries we will present possible approaches to identifying and prioritising and mitigating potential supply risks.

Delegates will learn:

  • A method for identifying and assigning supply risk
  • How to link potential risks with the selected contracting approach
  • How to segment different risks and prioritise mitigation activities


Chris Badcock - Technical Director - Integrated Supply Chain

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