Improve your Supply Chain performance with external collaboration


Improve your Supply Chain performance with external collaboration

The globalization of businesses and their supply chains is continuing to impact operational complexity. As supply chain processes become more complex and the numbers of participants involved increases, companies are encountering unique challenges in managing the flow of their operations. One important part of managing this complexity is to increase collaboration with suppliers and customers.

Collaborative organisations and networks sharing data, e.g. point of sale to packaging suppliers, or colour mix changes to a dye or paint supplier and with shared processes e.g. developing a joint production schedule between a customer and supplier, can make a significant improvement to costs and responsiveness.

Collaboration means more than sharing data, it requires building trust and a joint approach to identifying and sharing benefits, both essential features of modern supply chain management.

In this session, delegates will learn:

  • What defines a truly collaborative organization?
  • How collaboration can reduce costs
  • How collaboration can improve agility within your supply chain

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