How can Supply Chain Finance (SCF) help drive agility within your supply chains.


How can Supply Chain Finance (SCF) help drive agility within your supply chains.

Supply Chains have been getting longer, with more companies in more countries than ever before contributing to everyday products. Even with recent trends in “nearshoring” the number of entities in supply chains remains at historically high levels.

This can create management problems for supply chain practitioners, the administrative effort in maintaining payments and title to goods is often too slow and adding overhead costs when margins are under continuous pressure. Payment and receivable systems can fail to support the desired flows of goods and information.

Step forward the Supply Chain Finance providers; backed by some of the major international banks they can provide finance for multiple stages of supply chains, managing the flow of money through all the value adding and logistics stages and providing effective and low cost management tools that support administration and collaboration.

In this session one of the major providers of supply chain finance will present the current state of supply chain finance, the services available, the opportunities for cost savings and friction free administrative processes.

In this session, delegates will learn:

  • The working capital and process efficiencies provided by supply chain finance
  • How the service works in practice
  • How supply chain finance providers are  developing supporting services


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