Case Study: Adapt your supply chain to changing conditions and improving agility using IoT (Internet of Things)?


Case Study: Adapt your supply chain to changing conditions and improving agility using IoT (Internet of Things)?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and growing, significant investments are allowing new ideas to develop and components to achieve new economies of scale. We are also becoming aware through recent cybercrime that an internet of things already exists in previously unconsidered items such as PVRs attached to smart televisions which can be harnessed into botnets.

Nethertheless Supply Chain practitioners are well advanced in utilising the IoT to improve their monitoring and control, manage assets and deliver improved service to customers.

 When nearly every “thing” from a kanban ticket to a customer shipment can have both an identity and the ability to monitor elements of its environment, reporting in real time to a central hub – which in itself might be a smartphone – or to another “thing” in the extended network, an enormous range of possibilities start to present themselves. In addition this is a fast expanding field with new tools and applications being constantly introduced.

With a focus on agility and customer service the IoT provides significant potential for improved supply chain performance; in replenishment and inventory management, logistics, shop floor controls and fine tuning schedules, order management processes, reliability centred maintenance and many more ideas being introduced.

Systems and smart objects with embedded intelligence will be able to make certain decisions and adjust automatically to complex situations, with managers focused on optimising global capabilities through orchestration of the supply chain.

In this session, delegates will learn:

  • How the IoT will help drive agility within Supply Chains
  • How to develop your agility focused IoT strategy
  • How collaboration is a key part of the journey

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